Pro-Mill Precision Engineering Ltd is a company specialising in CNC Machining & CNC Programming on a sub contract basis.

Formed in July 2003 primalirily to do small to medium batch work including specialised prototypes.

We are experienced using programs such as Smartcam Freeform Machining, which is capable of producing complex components from drawings or imported models in various formats including IGES.

The machining is produced using various XYZ Machining Centres, two of which are equipped with additional 4th Axis capabilities.
Plant includes 1 x 1010 VMC, 2 x 710 VMC's & 1 x 560 VMC
The maximum working envelope we can accommodate is 1000mm.
All machines are purchased new and are Bull Bar tested regularly to ensure accuracy is maintained at the highest level

All machining is produced to the highest standard and is rigorously inspected to ensure errors are kept to the absolute minimum.

The Inspection department is equipped with a Mitutoyo Linear height Gauge (Model 518-341E-z1) situated on a granite surface, a Mitutoyo Shadow Graph, Slip Gauges, Micrometers and Vernier plus Pin guage Sets ranging from 0.3mm dia to 14.0mm dia and Bower Bore Gauging ranging from 6.0mm to 50.0mm.
Special thread gauges and bore gauges are purchased whenever a component requires them.